Virtualisation technologies have now firmly moved into the mainstream.  While more and more companies virtualise their server infrastructure and benefit from reduced cost and administration, desktop virtualisation is now taking over as the next wave of technology adoption.

At MJ Flood Technology we work with all leading virtualisation specialists including VMware, Microsoft and Citrix.  In each case, we take a vendor-agnostic approach and will only recommend a solution which most closely matches the requirements and budget at hand.

Virtualisation services from MJ Flood Technoogy - Citrix, VMware and Microsoft accredited partner

Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation allows end users to access all of their data and applications without being tied down to a specific hardware device.  This delivers unprecedented control to the IT department and allows it to slash the costs associated with refreshing and managing a desktop infrastructure.

Server Virtualisation

We help customers to eliminate the old “one server – one application” delivery model and move to a model of running virtual machines on each physical server or blade server.  Server virtualisation saves money, time and resources and allows power users to fire up new servers in a matter of clicks.


Many companies neglect to address the issue of data storage when virtualising their infrastructure.  We work with best in class storage specialists such as HP to support virtual environments and provide the high levels of data availability and storage utilisation as your business scales.