Internet of Things

Discover how people, processes, data, and things wake up and connect all over the world, to create new service possibilities across all kinds of industries.  The Internet of Things is all about connecting the unconnected and with over 1.5 devices for every human being on the plant, that’s a lot of sensors, smart objects and other devices which can be connected to the internet.

From smart cities and connected transport to intelligent healthcare and smart agriculture, the ability to collect and analyse data from all kinds of networked devices and convert it into meaningful, actionable data has the power to create new revenue models and fundamentally transform the world we live in.

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Internet of Things from MJ Flood Technology

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  • Connected Transport

    From planes, trains and automobiles the possibilities for connected transport are endless.  IoT delivers better fleet management, more efficient rail scheduling, smarter cars and the possibility to build a more eco-friendly environment.

  • Smart Manufacturing

    Use enhanced analytics to maximise plant operations, build greater efficiencies and ensure workforce/asset optimisation.

  • Intelligent Retail

    Expand your retail footprint with connected vending machines, on-street kiosks and connected kiosks to enhance the in-store shopping experience.

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