Information Security and Protection

Businesses of all sizes are struggling to cope with the volume and growing sophistication of malicious attacks.  Wireless technologies and the explosion in the use of mobile devices adds an extra layer of complexity.

To protect valuable network resources, we offer clients a suite of integrated information security and protection tools, which represent a robust solution to information security and protection.  When used in combination with our consulting skills and network design capabilities, our solutions offer a holistic approach to protecting the integrity of traffic as it passes across public and private networks.

  • Security Policy

    We work with you to develop a holistic security policy, which fits your business model and is fully compliant with regulatory requirements in your industry sector.  From the development of email and internet usage policies to role-based security access, our security specialists will also help to put frameworks in place to ensure that these policies are enforced.

  • Perimeter Security

    We deploy software or hardware-based firewalls to guard the internal network from external attack.  We also work with leading vendors to provide mobile professionals with secure authentication solutions.  By replacing vulnerable passwords with two-factor authentication, IT staff can be confident that only authorised staff are gaining access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere.

  • Email and Web Filtering

    We help you to manage employees’ Internet access and email communications by preventing illicit content from passing into the network and preventing access to inappropriate websites and material.  These solution can be provided by either on-premise solutions or hosted solutions, with low cost per user rates.

  • Data Backup and Replication

    The ability to retrieve data quickly and easily is critical for business, when faced with unforseen events or human error.  We work with clients to recommend a backup and/or replication solution which achieves those objectives in the most cost-effective manner possible.  Whether on-premise or hosted solutions, our managed services can monitor your daily backups and ensure that they are performed in line with best practice.

  • Business Continuity

    Designed to complement not replace backup technology, our business continuity solutions ensure that you can keep your IT operations running, around the clock.  Applications have become the lifeblood of most businesses. When they crash, IT must be able to restore them as quickly as possible.  Contintinuous availability of applications and data are within your grasp and budget, regardless of the size or type of your business.