Big Data solutions, designed by HP and deployed by MJ Flood Technology

Business intelligence and the power to harness big data is at the top of every business executive’s agenda.  Because to stay ahead today, you need to better understand your customer.  And that means turning disconnected data into connected intelligence, which drives better decision-making and in turn better business strategy.

Business intelligence platforms have traditionally been expensive to deploy and in some cases, complex to use in terms of extracting meaningful and practical data for actionable strategies.  But at MJ Flood Technology, we work with HP to deploy its HAVEn big data platform.  It’s an ecosystem of hardware and software that allows you to derive meaningful insights from seemingly unconnected structured and/or unstructured data.  It optimises your operations and reduces risk and delivers a powerful analytical engine which unlocks untapped product or service revenue potential.

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Big data solutions from MJ Flood Technology and HP

Big Data solutions from MJ Flood Technology
  • Comprehensive data analysis

    Combining structured and unstructured data sources

  • Real-time collection and insight

    Better decision-making and reduced business risk.

  • Open platform

    Leverages existing technology investment

  • Complete eco-system

    Combines hardware, software and of course data

  • Choice of delivery models

    Cloud or on premise

  • Scalability

    Scales as your data analytical requirements grow

So what does HAVEn actually stand for?