Microsoft Office 365 Syndication Services

MJ Flood Technology is a leading Office 365 syndication partner and has been recognised as such by Microsoft.

We have developed Microsoft Office 365 syndication services, consisting of best practice and shrink-wrapped syndication solutions for Microsoft partners such as ISPs, telecoms operators and cloud service providers – all designed to maximise activation and sales revenue.

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Secrets to Office 365 syndication success

Benefits of our Office 365 Syndication Services

  • Maximise revenues

    Using a combination of Office 365 activation services, tier 1/2 activation support and sales consultancy, our solution allows syndication partners to achieve Microsoft Office 365 activation rates of at least 92% – compared with average industry norms in Western Europe of 63%.  And this means that Microsoft syndication partners reach their full revenue potential not only for Microsoft products and solutions but also complementary application/business services.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction

    All services are provided by a highly-skilled Office 365 support service desk with the option of multi-lingual support professionals to cover all geographies.

  • Reduce risk with new service rollout

    Our best practice model has already been endorsed and validated through successful, working relationships with leading global service providers and clearly establishes MJ Flood Technology, with recognition from Microsoft, as a centre of excellence for Office 365 activation and support.

What does our Office 365 Syndication Service consist of?

    1. Activation
      The solution is based on an outsourced, “white glove” approach, whereby MJ Flood Technology’s 365 activation desk, act as a virtual activation and support helpdesk for customers who have purchased Office365 licenses via their own service provider.
    2. Tier 2 Support
      If the customer decides they now need assistance with their activation, we can log into the system on their behalf and complete the process for them. Similarly, at the time of purchase, customers have the option  to request assistance and to purchase additional professional services to help them migrate to the cloud, i.e. to request help with email migration, configuration of their mobile device for email, website  construction  and many others services.
    3. Consultancy
      Our Office365 consultants are strategically placed within the sales function of the Syndication partner, where they act as an Office365 Champion.  Their role is to drive home the key sales messages around Office 365 and educate the sales force of the syndication partner, so they in turn can confidently and fluently articulate these benefits to the end-user customer.Our Office 365 Champion acts as a point of reference and a sales specialist on all aspects of Office 365 and serves as liaison between us and the syndication partner, both of whom are working towards the same strategic goals – establishing Office 365 as the de facto standard for cloud-based productivity tools for the business and maximising revenue potential around this and other services provided by the syndication partner.