IT Consulting

Our consultants are professionally accredited by market leading software and hardware vendors and offer a variety of IT consulting services to help you optimise your infrastructure, prevent network outages and deliver higher levels of performance to your users.

Our services range from high level business consulting to field engineering and IT support.

IT consulting services from MJ Flood Technology
  • IT/Business Alignment

    Our business consulting team will assess your current IT service delivery model and make recommendations to ensure tight alignment with achievement of business objectives.  This could involve developing alternative delivery models, designed to cut costs and deliver a more responsive IT service to staff and partners.

  • Infrastructure Design Services

    Using our professional design and IT consulting skills, we integrate disparate hardware and software, as well as public, private and hybrid cloud models to design an infrastructure which will provide maximum network performance.  Our consultants will guide you in plotting a migration path to new network services by evaluating your current system and protecting existing investment as part of the design process.

  • Infrastructure/Security Health Checks and Audits

    As an extension to our IT consulting services, our consultants provide clients with network and security audits.  Our service includes auditing your infrastructure to ensure that the integrity of your business communications is protected.  We also audit for the presence of Spyware, Viruses and SPAM, which can cause serious security breaches and bottlenecks resulting in significant performance degradation for users.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Audits

    Everyday occurrences such as component outages, accidental deletes, data corruption and hardware failures can result in loss of data and significant business disruption.  No matter how large or small, operating a proper back-up and disaster recovery plan is critical.  We audit your backup processes and hardware and ensure that best practice is being employed in terms of verification and the back-up process itself.