Webinar Registration: Introducing HPE GreenLake

Date: Wednesday, October 21st 2020
Time: 11:00 – 11:45

By 2022, the entire HPE portfolio will be sold as a service and HPE GreenLake is how we are accomplishing it.
HPE GreenLake is the digital transformation accelerator of our strategy—the one platform that brings the cloud experience to you. HPE GreenLake brings the modern cloud experience to your apps, data and workloads with self-serve, pay-per-use, scale up and down and managed for you as a service by HPE and MJ Flood Technology so you free up capital, boost operational and financial flexibility and free up your talent to accelerate what’s next for you.

You are welcome to our HPE GreenLake webinar where you will understand, in 45 minutes, the benefits of the pay-per-use model in IT. Learn how shifting to as-a-service experience delivers growth and profitability. On October 21st, Davin Cody, HPE Hybrid IT Specialist, will cover the benefits of GreenLake for you. 


11:00 – Opening Message
James Finglas (Managing Director at MJ Flood Technology)

11:05 – Hybrid Cloud with the new IT profitable model – HPE GreenLake
Davin Cody (HPE Hybrid IT Specialist at HPE Ireland)

11:20 – Conversation with James Finglas & Davin Cody
James Finglas (MJ Flood Technology) and Davin Cody (HPE Ireland)

11:35 – Live Q&A
James Finglas (MJ Flood Technology) and Davin Cody (HPE Ireland)

11:45 – End

Register here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=O-DbnRy8TkGXqc9uzzvPZ4DV-glhxfFFkt9ssBEgxM9UNVIwVEJBMUYyVzE2V0I0MTlETEM0TkVSSy4u