iNet – Network Monitoring as a Service

We live in a dynamic and competitive environment which demands the highest availability, where network downtime and system outages can no longer be tolerated, even for the shortest period of time.  The equation is simple:  time equals money, outage equals cost and the number of people affected by outage increases logarithmically with time.  The answer is also simple:  network monitoring has become a must.

Understanding the nature and type of traffic traversing your IT infrastructure is only one part of a holistic approach to network monitoring.   Interpreting alerts/data and creating run books in response to these incidents is the other, more labour intensive side, which companies traditionally shy away from.

Network monitoring as a service from MJ Flood Technology

Key Features

Performance Monitoring
File and Directory Monitoring
Log Monitoring
Database Monitoring
SNMP Trap Monitoring
Mail Quality of Service
Toplist for CPU, Disk and Data Transfer
Full infographic reporting

Key Benefits

  • Agentless monitoring of any operating system or network connected device.
  • Facilitates network and capacity planning with baseline and trend information.
  • 37 different monitor types ranging from ping to advanced quality of service monitors.
  • Ideal for  multi-site organisations thanks to distributed monitoring through firewalls via low impact gateways.
  • Flexible action lists for escalating notifications.
  • Mail flow monitoring based on round trip times improves performance as trigger alarms can be set.
  • No capital outlay required with our “as a service” business model.