Cloud Services

At MJ Flood Technology, we recognise the fact that the move to the “cloud” is firmly under way.   Many customers are creating “private clouds” by virtualising their IT infrastructure and using the power of the cloud to deliver and manage applications easier and quicker than ever before.

Similarly, organisations are moving traditional IT services to the “public cloud” and using outsourced vendors to deliver applications, security and other services without the need for large scale capital expenditure and hardware investment.

MJ Flood Technology offers a select number of cloud services, some of which have been developed organically by us and are delivered on our own infrastructure.  Other services are delivered via leading software vendors.

Software as a Service

Benefit from the latest and most powerful business software now through a predictable ‘pay as you go’ model.

Platform as a Service

Combining the power of Infrastructure and Software as a Service to provide a flexible applications solution stack.

Why not avail of a free consultation to discuss your cloud strategy – private, public or hybrid?