New Microsoft Surface Tablet could be a good fit for Irish Business

by Paul Caffrey, Office 365 Specialist for O2 Telefonica, MJ Flood Technology

Looking for a powerful alternative to the iPad that can run Windows software?

Microsoft have the answer, thanks to their venture into the tablet computing market due for release later this year.

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Guido Marchetti of MJ Flood Technology talks mobility strategy

Is cloud computing changing our work culture?

by Guido Marchetti, Office 365 Specialist for O2 Telefonica, MJ Flood Technology

Cloud computing is becoming more than just a buzz word and a talking point over that first cup of coffee in the morning.  It is quickly becoming an accepted standard for IT infrastructure.

All of the business benefits of availability, accessibility and reliability are key elements driving the adoption of cloud services such as Office 365.  But within the concept of accessibility, there is an opportunity to boost productivity and allow employees work from anywhere.

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A New IT Model for a New World: Cloud Computing Apps

by Guido Marchetti

Small businesses have been struggling over the past few years with the demise of the Celtic Tiger.  Gone are the days where they could invest significant amounts of hard earned cash in the latest version of Small Business Server or its equivalent.

Over time, small businesses have become reliant on technology as it has enabled them to offer an enterprise-class window to the world and to do more.  However,  over the last two years, their efforts have been concentrated on battening down the hatches and trying to survive.  During this time, IT assets are aging – depreciating with time and the capital cost of a technology refresh is climbing steeply.  In fact, these costs are already well beyond the reach for most SME organisations.

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Researchers Develop New Attack on SSL

Researchers have developed a new attack on SSL 3.0 that enables them to decrypt client requests on the wire and hijack confidential sessions on https sites. The attack breaks the confidentiality model of the protocol and is the first known exploitation of a flaw in SSL. It has the potential to impact the security of transactions on millions of sites. It could also potentially impact SSL VPN and instant messaging clients.

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Extending Web Security to Remote Workers – Now There is a Way

Protecting mobile workers from internet based threats has always been a difficult task for any IT department. This is becoming a more important part of network security as a greater number of staff are mobile and the corporate network moves towards a more borderless model.  The challenge is to enforce a corporate “Acceptable Usage Policy” (AUP) while users are outside the corporate network perimeter. Doing this without affecting their productivity or the productivity of IT support staff is the problem. In many smaller networks an AUP is simply unenforceable while the users are roaming.

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IT Security Update 24/08 – Twitter increases security | Android most targeted OS

Plenty of interesting of IT security headlines doing the rounds in the last day or so.   Threatpost reports that Twitter is encouraging more and more users to enable HTTPS on their accounts.  Basically, HTTPS encrypts traffic from users to Twitter as it travels across the Internet – a reassuring feature particularly when using unsecured WiFI networks.   Password  information has always been encrypted but the site is slowly moving towards a situation where all accounts will have HTTPS configured by default – this will take time though.  Change your settings now.

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Two things that all orgs need for effective web security

As someone who has worked in the security industry over the past 10 years, it has not escaped me that there are 2 things that all organisations need with regards to Web Security:

1. A method to protect their users from the nasty stuff online
2. Visibility and control over potential risks to the organization

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