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Are you all at sea when it comes to Windows Server 2003?

On 14th July Microsoft will cease its in-life support services for Windows Server 2003. This means it will no longer develop patches, security updates/fixes or any updates for the platform. So if you haven’t updated by this deadline, your business will be using unsupported software.

Live Event: ‘The Business of Big Data’

Every 60 seconds, 1.620TB of data is created. Join us for ‘The Business of Big Data’ and explore the drivers, internal data management challenges, external regulatory imperatives as well as solutions for effectively managing enterprise, legacy and dark data. Register Now.

Why do Irish SME’s resist technology adoption?

I’ve noticed a puzzling pattern when it comes to SME technology adoption in Ireland. Unlike the UK, it seems that many smaller businesses either don’t value themselves enough or fail to see the opportunities from investing in the latest technologies.

How to solve our biggest communications problem

In the first half of 2015, Microsoft will launch a new platform that brings together the power of telephony, voice mail, audio conferencing, video conferencing and instant messaging in one enterprise-grade, easy-to-use application.