FORTNITE “A Plague on your HOME??”

Every time I’ve listened to the radio over the last two weeks I’ve heard people talking about Fortnite. Similarly, I had a conversation with a client during a business meeting about the same topic and everyone seems to share the same concerns. Is this bad for my child?

Guido Marchetti, cloud solutions lead, MJ Flood Technology

The Future of Productivity

In the modern age every aspect of our lives is competing for our time, which is becoming more and more scarce as we move forward. Being productive, focused and informed within your business can be a challenge at times.

Guido Marchetti, Cloud Solution Specialist, MJ Flood Technology. Pic. Maura Hickey.

Why do Irish SME’s resist technology adoption?

by Guido Marchetti, cloud solutions specialist, MJ Flood Technology

I have spent over 15 months working in a pre-sales role for a large partner of ours in the UK. In this role, I specialised in Microsoft Office 365 and the story around the ‘Modern Business’.

It’s a simple concept really; you embrace cloud computing by moving your infrastructure and applications into the cloud. This introduces you and your staff to a standardised technology platform, new ways of remote working and those who really understand the benefits start to look at higher level applications such as business intelligence and “Big Data”. Data analytics is a lot easier to do with the horse power of the cloud behind you but also makes it accessible to small and medium sized businesses from a cost and technology perspective.

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Brian Murphy, director of cloud services with MJ Flood Technology.

Top Three Telco Tips to Becoming a True ICT Provider

By Brian Murphy, director of cloud services, MJ Flood Technology

As part of my role within MJ Flood Technology, I spend a significant amount of my time talking to telcos and cloud platform providers around Western Europe and beyond. Time and time again, I see a similar pattern of challenges emerging across all these telecommunications companies. Their issues or challenges stem from declining mobile and fixed revenues and a recognition that they need to diversify into new products and services. And many of these services are based on the cloud.

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Pathways to Profit - a live event with Microsoft and HubSpot on using the power of technology for greater business success in 2014.

Live Event: Pathways to Profit with Microsoft and HubSpot

This event is now over.  Download the presentations below.

Use the power of cloud technology to survive and thrive in 2014.

Recent figures suggest that the value of Irish online transactions now exceeds €4 billion annually.  75 per cent of this spend goes to overseas organisations.

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Have Irish organisations soared to new heights with cloud services?

We have seen a marked acceleration in the adoption of cloud services.  Everything from backup services, email and collaboration to file storage, web/email filtering and Line of Business applications are on the ‘shopping list’ but not all are suitable for an organisation.

It makes sense for organisations to leverage the “pay-for-use” IT model, negating the need for capital investment and releasing internal IT expertise for more strategic tasks.

For others, it is the agility to scale rapidly, to reflect periodic workloads.  More use cloud to make their business more mobile, extending more applications outside of the corporate office.

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Paul Caffrey of MJ Flood Technology talks about the evolution of Office 365

Project Management Success – It’s as Easy as Office 365

Successfully managing projects is not as easy as it sounds.   Far too often, projects don’t deliver the desired results due to missed deadlines or budget over runs and organisations fail to realise the full potential of their investment.

But for the first time, more predictable project outcomes are within reach of even the smallest organisation, thanks to Wave 15 of Microsoft Office 365 which now includes a Project Site Template through SharePoint.

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Paul Caffrey of MJ Flood Technology talks about the evolution of Office 365

It’s official. Cloud Computing is not just an expense but a contributor to cost-reduction and innovation.

By Paul Caffrey, Office 365 Specialist for O2 Telefonica, MJ Flood Technology
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Cloud Computing is in its infancy but as broadband speeds and quality of service increase, organisations large and small are considering the option of moving IT services to the cloud.

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Paul Caffrey of MJ Flood Technology talks about the evolution of Office 365

Ireland Inc is pushing cloud computing but are the natives catching on?

By Paul Caffrey, Office 365 Specialist for O2 Telefonica, MJ Flood Technology

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Ireland is working hard to place itself among the elite when it comes to providing and delivering Cloud Technology and is fast becoming recognised as one of the world’s major hubs for cloud computing.

Support from industry and the establishment is strong and the Irish Government, through IDA Ireland is successfully building an eco-system of cloud computing brands, from well-established multinationals to smaller start-ups.

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A New IT Model for a New World: Cloud Computing Apps

by Guido Marchetti

Small businesses have been struggling over the past few years with the demise of the Celtic Tiger.  Gone are the days where they could invest significant amounts of hard earned cash in the latest version of Small Business Server or its equivalent.

Over time, small businesses have become reliant on technology as it has enabled them to offer an enterprise-class window to the world and to do more.  However,  over the last two years, their efforts have been concentrated on battening down the hatches and trying to survive.  During this time, IT assets are aging – depreciating with time and the capital cost of a technology refresh is climbing steeply.  In fact, these costs are already well beyond the reach for most SME organisations.

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