Ransomware – Anatomy of a Breach

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You’re busy. You’re tired. Whatever the reason, whenever you click “Remind me later” on a software update, you make your device vulnerable to ransomware. That is just one of the many ways ransomware can enter your system. Malvertising, phishing emails, and even sophisticated thumb-drive schemes are common tactics that adversaries use to compromise your system.

Brought to you by Cisco and MJ Flood Technology, your organisation can enjoy an integrated defense with an architectural approach that combines ultimate visibility with ultimate responsiveness.

  • Reduced risk of ransomware infections with effective security that can block threats before they can attempt to take root
  • Immediate protection that is simple to deploy, so your customers can stay focused on running their business
  • Integrated network defenses, from the DNS layer to the endpoint
  • Industry-leading threat information delivered by the Cisco Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group

Download our guide – ‘All You Need to Know about Ransomware’

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This 110 page report is one of the most comprehensive available, detailing threat vectors, attacker and defender behaviour, the expansion of the threat landscape and how to mitigate the threat of breach.