Are you struggling to manage and monitor the tsunami of mobile devices which  are stealthily making their way onto the corporate IT infrastructure?
Are you worried about corporate governance and IT risk?

Keeping track of these devices and the data stored thereon, viagra order has now become seamless, thumb thanks to iSmart, no rx our mobile device management.

iSmart is part of MJ Flood Technology’s iManage suite.  This mobile device management as a service is designed to efficiently identify, monitor and manage all mobile devices on your network, including smartphones and tablets.  Keep your organisation secure and compliant and empower employees to be more productive anytime, anywhere.


Key Benefits

  • Implement mobile device management policy on your network and ensure compliance by all mobile device users.
  • Monitor, control and protect all layers of the mobile enterprise without sacrificing productivity.
  • No capital outlay required.
  • Automate the process of mobile device discovery by compelling employees to self-register their device on our platform.
  • Set security policies at enterprise level and prevent leakage of sensitive business data.
  • Deliver a triple-layer of defence against mobile-borne threats and malware.
  • Empower employees to be productive anytime, anywhere.

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