iDR – Disaster Recovery as a Service

iDR is part of MJ Flood Technology’s iManage suite and offers robust IT disaster recovery planning for your business.  Restore your critical servers in less than 30 minutes, minimise business disruption and protect your brand and reputation.

While most businesses regularly back up their mission-critical business data, disaster recovery is often neglected, particularly by smaller organisations.  It doesn’t always have to be dramatic events such as fire, flooding or theft that cause data loss.  More mundane instances of human error, cyberattacks, power outages and hardware failure can compromise your data and bring business operations to a shuddering halt.

iDR - disaster recovery as a service from MJ Flood Technology

iDR as part of MJ Flood Technology’s iManage suite is a cloud-based disaster recovery service, which ensures that no matter what the event, your critical servers can be restored in a matter of minutes.  Taking days to recover data and get your systems back up and running is now a thing of the past.  With a simple click of a button, we can restore and recreate your servers so business operations can continue, uninterrupted.

Key Features

  • Inverse chain technology
    is disater recovery as a service.  It simplifies and streamlines the imaging process through inverse chain technology, which always keeps the latest image at the front of the incremental chain.  This technology takes data directly from the server and creates virtual machines (VMs) every time a backup occurs and then stores the data in that state on the local device.
  • Straight to VMDK
    Straight to VMDK files means there is no risk of file damage because the base image is always the newest.  Since each backup is a VM, there is no need for a conversion process before performing a restore – no need to worry about an incremental being damaged and no complicated roll-up process.
  • True business continuity with industry-first features
    provides true business continuity, eliminating operational downtime.  When your servers go down, we can have you up and running in seconds with instant virtualisation.  In addition to on-site virtualisation, we also provide offsite virtualisation in our secure cloud.  We can provide with you with instant VMs, ensuring maximum server uptime and minimum business disruption.
  • Screenshot verification
    Our commitment to providing best in class DR, is also supported by our screenshot verification feature.  After a backup, the image file is test booted and a screenshot of the booted VM is emailed as confirmation that the backup has been done, is bootable and can be recovered instantly.  This provides customers with peace of mind that the integrity of the data is maintained and any server damage or corruption is revealed at an early stage.
  • Flexible scheduling
    Flexible scheduling for screenshot verifications can be done, allowing you to set the parameters – it can be done as often as every hour.

Choose iDR as a stand-alone service or as a bolt-on to our iManage suite of full managed services.