Reduce risk and choose our cloud-based, secure email filtering and unified email management service, blocking all malware & spyware. Call us for a quote! MJ Flood Technology in patnership with Mimecast deliver a holistic approach to email security in the form of  modular unified email management service in the cloud.   Mimecast delivers Software-as-a-Service-based enterprise email management for archiving, ediscovery, continuity, security and policy enforcement. Customers that have switched to Mimecast have immediately seen cost savings of up to 60%.

Manage email the simple way

Mimecast’s Unified Email Management is a single modular service that integrates with your existing IT to take care of all of your email requirements online, with no hardware, software, or capital expense and it takes just a few days to set-up. By connecting your current email systems to Mimecast, you instantly deliver unified email security, continuity and archiving.

Here are just some of the features of Mimecast’s Email Management solution.

Email Security

  • 99% of spam eliminated before it reaches you
  • Protects legitimate email (zero content-based false positives)
  • Prioritisation of legitimate email
  • 100% virus protection
  • Help meet regulatory compliance – SOX, FOI, RIPA, PCI, MiFID, HRA, DPA

Email Continuity

  • Continue to work with email even in a catastrophic outage
  • Access new incoming email that can’t yet be delivered to your primary email servers
  • Read, reply, forward from your personal email archive
  • Create new messages
  • Run rapid searches and access historic email (up to 10 years of data)

Email Archiving

  • Automatically stores internal and external email on your behalf
  • Instantly able to search archive store from within your Outlook session
  • Sub-second response times, even with complex search criteria
  • WebMail search also available
  • Never lose an email again
  • Zero training required