Guido Marchetti, Cloud Solution Specialist, MJ Flood Technology. Pic. Maura Hickey.

Windows Server 2003 End of Life – the risks of ignoring this important deadline

By Guido Marchetti, cloud solutions specialist, MJ Flood Technology

Yet another IT deadline looms when manufacturers and resellers strong-arm us into upgrading our software. Or at least that’s how some see it. But there’s a very good reason for not ignoring this latest end of support notification from Microsoft.

This time it’s Windows Server 2003, which after 12 loyal and productive years, reaches End of Life on July 14th, 2015. Given the speed of technological change and increasing demands for computing power, it’s quite surprising that this server OS has lasted this long. It’s an industry stalwart that has served business well over the years from workgroup-type server capacity for larger companies to Small Business Server 2003, specifically designed to keep smaller organisations up and running.

With so many instances of Windows Server 2003 out there, many companies will be asking themselves what kind of support they can expect to receive after this date. And the answer, quite frankly is none.

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Gareth Madden, Sales Director, MJ Flood Technology

Six things to consider before devising your mobility strategy

By Gareth Madden,  sales director with MJ Flood Technology

Tablet PC with cloud of application icons flying arroundEmbrace Mobile………….. You really have to.  And that’s not just us saying it.  Every piece of research screams mobile and business organisations are taking new products and services to market with a ‘mobile first’ mentality.

Take Three’s recent report on the use of smartphones in the business community.  Over half of respondents said their smartphone is the single most important piece of technology allowing them to do their job.  And a whopping 70 per cent of business people use smartphones every day.

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Guido Marchetti, Cloud Solution Specialist, MJ Flood Technology. Pic. Maura Hickey.

Are you ready for Windows 10?

by Guido Marchetti, Cloud Solution Specialist, MJ Flood Technology

I had the privilege of being invited to Microsoft in December to a preview of Windows 10. The name itself made me think “but what happened to Windows 9?” which was a question asked by another delegate before I had the chance.

The presenter sidestepped the question in a diplomatic way – perhaps not unexpectedly.

There is a lot of noise out there about what happened Windows 9 and why the leap straight to Windows 10, but it doesn’t really matter. Microsoft can call it what they like, because I think that they have really cracked it this time.

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James Finglas, managing director with MJ Flood Technology

Is Internet of Things (IoT) the ultimate disruptive technology?

by James Finglas, managing director, MJ Flood Technology

Over the past 20 years in the IT industry, I have seen many trends and changes, some of which have laid claim to the title of most disruptive technology.

From ‘would you like email with that system, no thank you we use fax’, to the point that email is now just another mission-critical application. From centralised compute to decentralised distribution and back to centralised again.

The advent of mobility, Big Data and cloud have together been described as amongst the top disruptive technologies of the 21st century. But I like to think of them as enablers to a much larger total disruption in the form of Internet of Things (IoT) or as Cisco have cleverly termed it, the Internet of Everything (IoE).

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Have Irish organisations soared to new heights with cloud services?

We have seen a marked acceleration in the adoption of cloud services.  Everything from backup services, email and collaboration to file storage, web/email filtering and Line of Business applications are on the ‘shopping list’ but not all are suitable for an organisation.

It makes sense for organisations to leverage the “pay-for-use” IT model, negating the need for capital investment and releasing internal IT expertise for more strategic tasks.

For others, it is the agility to scale rapidly, to reflect periodic workloads.  More use cloud to make their business more mobile, extending more applications outside of the corporate office.

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Paul Caffrey of MJ Flood Technology talks about the evolution of Office 365

Project Management Success – It’s as Easy as Office 365

Successfully managing projects is not as easy as it sounds.   Far too often, projects don’t deliver the desired results due to missed deadlines or budget over runs and organisations fail to realise the full potential of their investment.

But for the first time, more predictable project outcomes are within reach of even the smallest organisation, thanks to Wave 15 of Microsoft Office 365 which now includes a Project Site Template through SharePoint.

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Guido Marchetti of MJ Flood Technology talks mobility strategy

Is devising mobility strategy a walk in the park?

by Guido Marchetti, Office 365 Specialist for O2 Telefonica, MJ Flood Technology

We all know that users are demanding greater access to computing resources and applications on the fly, but what does this mean for organisations that must meet the clamour for greater working flexibility from staff?

Falling PC and laptop sales year on year, coupled with the explosion in other form factor devices such as mobile smart /tablet devices are a testament to the growth in the mobility industry.   Organisations of all sizes need to take a close look at mobility and assess how well they are equipped to deal with this rising tide of change.

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Unified Communications – The age of the 9-5 desktop worker is dead

Today’s professional workforce is tech savvy, active, mobile, remote, on the move, multi-tasking with multiple devices and highly reachable so as a business you need to ask yourself – “what does my business need to make the most of my workforce?”

So how do you give your workforce the ability to communicate and collaborate powerfully? You need a Unified Communication solution that can really drive business productivity, enhance security and guarantee a return on investment whilst at the same time integrate phones, voicemails, email, mobile, Instant Messaging, Video conferencing and where needed, full call centre capabilities.

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Why I love my Windows Phone 8

By Guido Marchetti, Office 365 Specialist for O2 Telefonica, MJ Flood Technology.

It’s all about the latest and greatest smart phone.  Apple and Android are without question the dominant market forces, for now.  Apple clearly captured first mover advantage with its market leading and trend setting iPhone. Equally, Android has a number of manufacturers producing simply stunning devices, the best of which in my opinion, is probably the Samsung.

And then there is Microsoft’s offering which has undergone quite a number of reincarnations over the years.  Microsoft could be accused of having a few ‘false starts’ under their belt with their mobile platforms, but their latest, Windows Phone 8, could be about to change all that.

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The IT support conundrum – in-house or outsource

by David Flood, Senior IT Sales Consultant, MJ Flood Technology

With the adverse effect of the economic downturn on many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), questions are being asked about IT support; is it a necessity or a luxury and more critically, should it be managed in-house or outsourced to an external provider.

As someone with over 15 years’ experience in this area, my advice is to use a combination of both.

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