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Connected Healthcare Event

As health technologies converge, the ability to connect patients, devices and clinical practitioners with each other has the potential to deliver better patient outcomes. Join us in Dublin, Cork or Galway and understand how connected healthcare could address many of the challenges faced by the sector today.

Self-driving cars fuelled by internet of things

In the second of his blogs on the Internet of Things, Guido Marchetti examines the automotive industry and how IoT services and solutions might start to change our driving experience and behaviour through innovations in the cars that we drive.

From the sales floor to the classroom and back again

As of January 2016, Ernst and Young (EY) have announced that a university degree will no longer be an essential requirement for successful application to their workforce. Why are such industry giants defying convention and radically changing their recruitment policies and how is this relevant to you and me?

Is cloud a leap of faith or stepping stone to success?

More often than not, the majority of companies looking to cloud and mobile solutions are drawn there by a technical need rather than a need for business transformation. This stark fact made me realise that even some of our long-term cloud clients are only now beginning to see the value of their investment. Why is that?

MJ Flood Technology enters Swiss telco market with six-figure contract for Microsoft services

MJ Flood Technology today announced its entry to the Swiss market, thanks to a six figure contract for Microsoft support services with the country’s largest private telecommunications provider. Sunrise Communications AG has contracted MJ Flood Technology to assist with its launch of Microsoft Office 365 by providing multilingual activation and support services to its SOHO customers.

8 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 now

Following the end of the world’s largest BETA testing program, Microsoft has announced that as of 29th July, 2015 Windows 10 will be available. And here’s the really nice part – it’s FREE. Here are 8 great reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10 now.