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Why we decided to launch the Office 365 online store

We’re a traditional IT company, selling a range of IT services which we wrap around a number of vendor technologies. And like most of the industry, we charge for those services as upfront capital expenditure. But that’s about to change, with our launch of the country’s first Office 365 online store.

Evolution not Revolution

Join us on May 19th in Dublin, for ‘Evolution not Revolution’, a unique event specifically targeted at the social care delivery sector and designed to introduce you to a new IT service model, addressing the specific issues and challenges you face in supporting services users and staff alike.

Connected Healthcare Event

As health technologies converge, the ability to connect patients, devices and clinical practitioners with each other has the potential to deliver better patient outcomes. Join us in Dublin, Cork or Galway and understand how connected healthcare could address many of the challenges faced by the sector today.

Self-driving cars fuelled by internet of things

In the second of his blogs on the Internet of Things, Guido Marchetti examines the automotive industry and how IoT services and solutions might start to change our driving experience and behaviour through innovations in the cars that we drive.