iPad for Business – Get Mobile, Buy Smart

Many organisations are looking to adopt the power of iPad to boost staff productivity and streamline workflows. But how can you buy smart with reduced hardware budgets? Upfront capital cost or monthly managed service?

MJ Flood Technology and Apple cordially invite you to join us to discover how iPad for business can deliver the ultimate in secure, managed, mobile productivity to your staff. We explore various case studies of iPad in action as well as several purchasing options designed for organisations of all sizes and budgets.

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Guido Marchetti of MJ Flood Technology talks mobility strategy

Is devising mobility strategy a walk in the park?

by Guido Marchetti, Office 365 Specialist for O2 Telefonica, MJ Flood Technology

We all know that users are demanding greater access to computing resources and applications on the fly, but what does this mean for organisations that must meet the clamour for greater working flexibility from staff?

Falling PC and laptop sales year on year, coupled with the explosion in other form factor devices such as mobile smart /tablet devices are a testament to the growth in the mobility industry.   Organisations of all sizes need to take a close look at mobility and assess how well they are equipped to deal with this rising tide of change.

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